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Thread: The Beast Revelation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    Notice how the OP is missing in action. I noticed Jane that I spelled it wrong. Maybe just having some fun with us
    Well, he probably did not expect us to have some fun with him right back.

    The thing is, I am happy to discuss religion and such with him, and on this forum.

    But I also wonder if he is here to talk about simple living at all.

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    Yeah, I think the OP with his wall o' text was here looking for a flock of lost sheep. Perhaps he's moved on to more promising pastures.

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    Yes, I thought it might be the start of a more interesting discussion.

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    I'm still here. I've just been watching the conversation. It is very intelligent. I have been busy these past couple of days with work, not much time for posting.
    I've laid out my interpretation in the first two posts, not too much more to add. Mostly, I just like to see the comments I get. This is a good forum, I like it. It is lively and I see folks here have a respect for each other, which is nice...

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