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Wow. You are doing a LOT of walking, between walking the dog and walking DH. . Do you have a Fitbit? You'd be burning it up! One of the reasons I'm not rushing to get another dog is for the reason you state. A dog inserts its routine into yours. When I had my dog, my daily routine started with getting dressed and walking her. Now it starts with my hanging around in my robe for a couple of hours working or doing other assorted tasks.

I've also found that not having a dog gives me more time for gardening. It's almost like I can only care for one living thing at a time. If I had a dog and a garden, the garden might suffer because I have so much work I HAVE to do, I'd run out of time.

I'm more of a "let the day unfold" kind of person, but I do like routines. At my aunt's summer cottage the whole day was a routine: from getting up in the morning, dressing, making a huge breakfast served on Victorian china, cleaning the kitchen, going "up town" for groceries, coming home, making "dinner"--we had our main meal at noon, cleaning up the kitchen, then I would go to the beach and hang out with friends while my aunt watched soap operas, and I'd spend other afternoon time reading or sewing. Then we would have a light supper in front of the TV and watch 60s shows until 10. Then go to bed. Next day, rinse and repeat.

I like the idea of household chores being split up like Gardnr's mom did it. I tried Flylady for a while, but I just fell out of it.
I do have a Fitbit and little Doc Holliday is definitely helping with my step count. I've been averaging about 13,000 steps per day. He also lives on the other side of town, so I spend about 30 minutes getting to & from him.