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Thread: Brain healing

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    ZG, you sound so centered. Working in the earth, spending time with babies, Lovely!

    I dont know what you mean by asking about verification of hours, and I wouldnt be of any help anyway.

    Ugh, changing insurance! Good idea to stock up on meda.
    Carry on along this path!

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    Thank you! I am starting to feel like myself again! I have to again shout out my Buddhist teachers, they are the best ever for dealing with this without bitterness or being that person who talks about it 5 years later. I had a great message from one of them (she has brain issues so she records spoken messages and sends us those while she heals) and she talked about forgiveness being the way of cutting the connection, not excusing their behavior. She is different than some Buddhist teachers because she does see anger as a healthy response to having our boundaries crossed many times. My other teacher was just as wise and they really complemented each other.

    Both have lived in the same place at the base of Garden of the Gods. My favorite retreat of all time was there, 10 days. each day we walked up and spent 4-5 hours finding places to meditate sitting and walking. I think about that also because I was kitchen manager and got great feedback on everything, how the meals were planned and organized, how I managed different meal preppers in silence, that the food was simply good, .. Which gives me confidence as I go forward.

    The verification of hours is just a childcare licensing thing, a transition paperwork thing like transcripts or I9 stuff.

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