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Thread: compost help

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    Air will help. If there's a way to let the stuff dry out before you put it in the new bin, that would make a big difference. But I understand about the smell and maggots. If you have to put it in the new bin, you might want to go as high as 80% on browns -- even if you have to leave some of the old stuff in its bin before you can get more drys (newspapers, paper bags, etc.).

    ETA wouldn't hurt to find yourself an odor mask, either, with a charcoal filter. Not that expensive. Decent hardware store/big box home improvement center.
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    Thank you, I only transferred a couple inches of the old bin with a lot of dry. It is about a third full with that. I may shred up some grocery bags for a layer if i run out of leaves.

    We have a few months before it gets put on the garden for winter to make it not gag worthy

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    Quote Originally Posted by lhamo View Post
    Be aware that rats can be a big problem with urban composting. We have a huge rat problem in our neighborhood because we have lots of steep, uninhabited hills covered with invasive plants like ivy, bindweed, and blackberries that they can hide in. I therefore send all our compostables off in the yard waste bin -- the city delivers them to a composting facility.
    Our city forbids compostable food wastes in big “green” bins due to vermin. I was surprised by this and always assumed one could throw foodstuffs in thereu til
    I learned recently that composting there is a big nope. I am commanded to compost using our home bins.
    So it isnt an issue for me.

    There seems to be a lot of compost nazis aroind here, haha.

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    Bin #2 smells pretty good! Bin #1 has a lot of flies and is a little less stinky maybe. Tomorrow i dont have anything after work so i can spend a little time on it.

    Also found out that my new school has a garden!

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