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Thread: 6 more days, OMG

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    Gracie Fields "Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye." ... A contribution to morale in a truly frightening time and place.

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    5 days left!!

    I made it through today, my staff is awesome. They have the program settled now but had plenty of concerns about the support they got (not). All over people are saying that their flexibility was not appreciated, programs were on the edge of safety, and not one person had to ask why I was leaving. I saw several people and told them I was leaving. My former supervisor gave me a hug because she was glad I was getting out! The HR person who I love got my letter of hours with children so fast for me. I had to work with summer sup and it was okay. I said hi to people who said hi to me, and was very flat in my affect. In general people KNOW when I am giving them the cold shoulder but it is not enough to get me in trouble.

    And my brain is working, really starting to work again. I was able to do several tasks that took some thinking through. Even with high stress it is starting to perk up. Too bad that I can't use it for them. There are 13 positions that need to be filled and dude they are screwed.

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