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Thread: I just paid everything,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yppej View Post
    Vacation payout or are you just that good?
    She wouldnt have received final payouts yet from the Hell job.

    Yes, she is sitting pretty these days.

    And how great that you can help out your daughter, ZG. A nice choice!

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    Renting a room is making a huge difference for you. That is great!

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    ZG - Congrats! I know the feeling - everything just seems to be calmer and more serene with bills paid on time. I totally get it. Rob

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    Yes renting the room, cuz my Starbucks habit is huge. I do better when i have a work home base and can settle in, bring tea and snacks.

    I am the driver to the retreat starting saturday, do i had my oil changed and some air filters done. I wish i had time for the shocks because part of the way is dirtroad. However some of the vacation pay out is to take my car in for everything, shocks, door locks, tail light cover and if they can do anything about some hail damage from last May. That was the storm that wiped out northwest Denver so for a long time you couldn't even get repair parts.

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