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Thread: Do you pick up litter?

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    I have picked up litter going by and will continue to do so but I don't make a special effort to do so. What I and my walking friend try to do during every walk on a nature trail is clear the branches, walnuts etc on the trail that could trip another or make a problem for the cyclists using the trail.
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    A word to the wise...
    My daughter related this story she was told by one of her patients.
    Lady went to visit her brother unannounced, he wasn't home but she was troubled by his ordinarily perfect front yard covered with trash.
    She spoke to him later in the evening and it turned out to be fast food bags loaded with used hypodermic needles...
    Be very careful picking up trash!

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    no but I rescued electronic waste from the apartment dumpster today and am going to take it to electronic waste. Yea I now have electronic waste clutter in my apartment that isn't even mine. But things really should be disposed of properly. It's not something I set out to do, I was just dumping some trash, it's just something I feel obligated to do sometimes.
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