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Thread: Yellowstone Supervolcano

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    Yellowstone Supervolcano

    I see that on July 10 fissures were noticed in Grand Teton National Park ("cracks are opening in the rock buttress") resulting in a closure of an area to the public, due to heightened risk of rock falls.

    NASA has been floating a proposal to cool the magma underlying the supervolcano. It would involve drilling a six-mile deep hole in which to inject water at high pressure. Enough water ought to cool the magma (it might be necessary to build a pipeline from Lake Superior though!) The cost would be about $3.46 billion. NASA believes some of the cost could be recouped by generating electricity with the steam that would be produced.

    While it sounds expensive, NASA's plan would be quite a savings if it would prevent the supervolcano from blowing. If it blows, all of the continental US will be covered with at least an inch of ash, except for the vicinity of McAllen TX and Miami FL.

    Remember the song... "North to Alaska"?

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    We were at the Grand Tetons 3 years ago and really beautiful. Wow that is quite a situation that needs to be addressed or not.

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