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It feels good to talk/write about this without feeling the urge to dump too much on friends and family.
When I live a well-tuned routine (which is not always!), I sit in the early morning for the sunrise. I have a notepad and pen handy, so just before I "get up and go" I can write any nuggets of insight, or any things to do today. Do you keep a journal or a private blog?

The fear of dumping too much may have different components: fear of revealing stuff you may regret saying, and the fear that someone will resent you for wasting their time by talking about your problems.

For the first fear, I think we all have developed an internal censor. We might review it from time to time, because life is short... and there can be over-control as well as under-control of sharing with close friends and family.

For the second fear, if it is based solely on your assumption, I would challenge the assumption. You may not need that fear for your own security and well-being. On the other hand, if you are getting messages from someone to the effect that they really do not care to listen to what you are feeling/needing, then that person is probably not someone to further confide in.

I have found that friends are somewhat elastic in their capacity to listen and care. If a person is tired and bitchy, it is not an opportune time to talk to that person... but maybe it would be a good time to talk to someone else. Got speed dial on your phone?