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sounds like your realtor's heart isn't in the game. The last realtor I had, I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with her before our first house-viewing, giving her MLS # of houses I liked online, and what appealed to me about them, and my must-have list. Long story short, on our first (and only) meeting day, she showed me 6 houses, all of which met my criteria, and one of them is the house I'm sitting in today. That's what a realtor should be! But, this wasn't my first house and I was pretty specific about what I had to have, and I didn't expect perfection, either. Gardenarian gave you some great advice about checking out the house more fully. And pay top dollar for a mad-dog inspector, and walk the property with the inspector (you can get some great advice this way) Frugalone, any houses built in the late 1940s/1950s in your town? From what I understand, that was the golden age of house-building.
The golden age of house building was pre WWII. Imho, of course.

Our 1941 Hermann house has godawful wallboard. Not plaster, that wokld have been tupical,for that year of hoise. It is hideous. It will all have to come down.