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Thread: July unfrugals

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    Of course I got to see my friends and family too. My aunt is 93.

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    Frequent trips back to Texas to see grand-daughter twins are a new yet recurring expense. As the ad says, the expense to see them is priceless.

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    Thanks, fellow tree lovers! It sounds like we didn't do too badly. I've heard/been told that if that black walnut ever needs to come down, the wood can be sold at a price that makes taking it down a financial wash. I hope it never come to that but this is an age of extreme weather....

    early morning, sounds like you've had quite the month! I'm sure having two CC balances is -- umm -- putting you off balance. But, personally, I'm okay with spending a little on interest if it smooths out expenses and lets you rebuild an emergency fund. IMHO that's what credit is for (not buying what one cannot pay for, which is how most people use credit). And I think you'll have no balances left fairly soon.
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    You might find it harder to sell one black walnut out of your yard, unless you have already had it cut and air dried. (higher risk of nails, etc. in one from a persons yard, then a grove)
    A friend sold off some acres of them and was paid 15K, but that isn't a "house tree".

    My big unfrugal was years ago when I was trained to shoot, the friend that trained me offered me a revolver that they used to be issued. I passed when another friend of his determined that that specific revolver had been issued to him and expressed interest if I didn't buy it.
    So I picked up a similar revolver, which I hope to take to the range Tuesday (not looking good, employer had a back lapse potentially).

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