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Thread: Going without deodorant?

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    I haven't read all the posts here, but wanted to add.......I think deodorant is something we learn to use. What I mean is, we are taught to not like certain smells. How someone smells can talk to our subconscious brains about attractions to those people. They're called pheromones, and we do everything we can to stop them and sever any information they might be giving our brains.
    It's just another crazy thing we learn to do, if we are to be "civilized".

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    I haven't worn deoderant in years, and now I live in a funky hippy town where personal hygiene isn't the highest priority on anyone's list. Though I am aware that if I have to go to town for a doctor or dentist appointment I make sure I shower beforehand, especially in the summer months. Sometimes I realize that I smell a bit sweaty and wonder if it is offensive to other people because it isn't particularly offensive to me. At any rate no one around here has ever said anything to me about it!

    I don't usually find other's body odor that offensive unless it is really, really strong. However, bad breath when I am talking to someone face-to-face really grosses me out.

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    no way we can go without in TN.........too hot and humid.........sometimes it takes more than one application a day

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    I started getting pretty itchy with antiperspirants. Tried different brands. Went for a while with just a spritz of diluted apple cider vinegar to control bacteria and some powder to feel less sticky, the itchiness went away. But man, the detoxing my pits went through was rank. Took a month or so to get them flushed out. Now I use just deodorant, no antiperspirant. No more itchy. Interested in trying the crystals some talk about, will look out for some in the future.

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    We definitely have a lot of marketing forces trying to brainwash us on the deodorant/antiperspirant front. I was in a thrift store yesterday and there was a man beside me reaching up to look at items on the top rack. That put me in close proximity with his underarm and he smelled sweaty. It was a very hot day, and oddly enough, I did not keel over and die from having experienced the scent of one of my fellow human beings being human. The smell of sweat on a clean person is fine. The smell of a person who has been marinating in their own dirt/urine/bodily juices is not fine at all. There is a big difference.

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