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Thread: Top 5 foods you just cannot stand

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    1. Liver
    2. Coconut

    I think it's the texture for both.
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    I do my have anything for my list...I won't go out of my way for some things, but no hate and really just barely a strong dislike.

    Just to keep us rolling - dislikes:
    1. Hot dogs
    2. Sausage
    3. Tilapia
    4. Catfish
    5. Milk

    They used to be faves, but now I can't get past thinking of them as literal "garbage" and concentrated waste products...well, except milk... If I told you what I think of it, you'd likely not drink it either!

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    Lima beans
    Liver--or any bloody rare meat
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    Hmm, like a lot of food actually.

    * anything from a pig, ham, bacon, pork chops, etc.
    * steak
    * coconut

    Then there are the things I can't eat that make me sad. I can't digest avocado, beet, a lot of fruit and any amount of coffee. I get worried about more so I rotate between soy, almond and cow milk.

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    I'm a really picky eater and won't try anything that I don't like the smell of. But there are a few things I hate that most people like:



    Peanut Butter (tried cashew nut butter once; love cashews but hated the butter texture)

    Any kind of pepper (red, green, yellow. I'll pick out every bit if it's mixed in a meal)


    Textures bother me a bit, like eggplant, squash. Took me ages to eat lettuce. Pears are a bit odd for me too.

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