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Thread: Blood Pressure Meds Roulette

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp1 View Post
    Interesting, I just recently started taking low dose meds for HBP and immediately they put me on a calcium channel blocker and an angiotensin-receptor blocker. I wonder why they didn't start me with a diuretic.
    I'm on an angiotensin-receptor blocker and a calcium-channel blocker and a diuretic. While all meds have their side effects and contraindications, the first two meds have only minor side effects for me at the doses at which I take them, but I time when I take the diuretic (even at its low dose) because it will require access to a toilet shortly after taking it -- and that's not always easy or even possible. I usually take the diuretic in the mornings when I'm home to manage that side effect, but if I need to get moving as soon as I wake up, I may push taking the diuretic until lunchtime or whenever I'm home from the event. So whoever prescribed it for you may be cognizant of this (IMHO) significant side effect.
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    I'm on a combo of 4!!! 2 of them I take a.m. and p.m. This has been the only combo that doesn't create headaches. I do cough from one of them. Tomorrow is renewal day so I'll see if he'll let me continue another year. I've wondered if they've been the reason for weight gain....Well a % of it anyway.

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    SO takes a diuretic. Iím definitely fine with not having that side effect. He has to get up early to take it, allow time for the side effect, and then he can leave for work because his half hour commute is too long to manage it.

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    Yep, I'm so glad to be off the HCTZ. Those all-too-frequent bathroom trips got very tiresome and sometimes problematic when a loo wasn't in sight... read in some journal article that older folks (that's me) shouldn't take diuretics...forget the reason why...yet they are often the first med prescribed for HBP and then the combo pills start if the diuretic wasn't successful...
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    Darn, Mumsies med (valsartan) was recalled. She's had to change, and we can't remember what to look out for with the new one...

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