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Thread: Pets are awesome

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    Pets are awesome

    Seeing Float On's adorable picture reminded me how much joy our current cats Chris and Everett, and my past cat, Harry, bring/have brought to my life. So I thought it would be fun to start a thread where we could post pics of our cutiepies.

    When I met SO I'd had Harry for several years and he was a charmer to everyone who came to visit, including SO. SO though, not content to accept Harry's freely given affections started feeding him human dinner, something I'd trained him not to care about which was quickly undone... After SO and I (and Harry) moved in together SO started suggesting that Harry might like a friend. I didn't find out why until after Harry passed away that on nights that I was taking a professional development class Harry would come downstairs when SO got home, hang out for a few minutes waiting for me and then go back upstairs and nap until I finally got home hours later so SO was feeling slighted.

    Now we have Chris and Everett. Here's a recent pic of Chris sitting on my lap for the evening while SO and I watch HGTV.

    2018-07-28 21.23.08.jpg

    Please share your photos. The internet doesn't have enough cute cat and dog pictures!

    Well, geez, photos seem to get randomly turned around here... I guess people will have to turn their heads to enjoy the adorableness or Chris... Alan, help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jp1 View Post

    I guess people will have to turn their heads to enjoy the adorableness or Chris... Alan, help?
    I don't think I can help with this problem. My theory is that our smartphones and tablets are smart enough to rotate pictures appropriately for display but our forum software is not. They show up here in the same orientation in which they're taken.
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    Nice thread! Are you going to show us Everett too?
    We have Ogden, who is a gentleman and daddy's boy:
    Then we have Silvio, who is a lovable 20-lb thug and a momma's boy:

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    I am a dog person so here is Bro.

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    Awwww...this is a great thread! Chris, Ogden and Silvio are so cute!

    Here is a picture of Nessie, who left this world in early February.She was a scruffy hodgepodge lab/border collie/terrier

    As a puppy:


    And as a mature lady:

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    Murray and Tazmania.jpg
    Murray and Taz (my stepcats)
    Dexter, focused.jpg

    Grace and Tuffums.jpg
    Grace and Tuffums

    My picture editing skills are pathetic, as is my photography.
    i really enjoy seeing all your furry companions!
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    The winsome Teddy Bear, loveable mush of a dog.he is very very silly.


    This is Velma, last week on her 11th birthday.

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