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Thread: If you need a giggle

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    If you need a giggle

    I am super coordinated, NOT! When I am really paying attention it is fine, and having 'post-retreat syndrome' means that I am readjusting from this amazing, slow paced, quiet, low sensory experience into LIFE! We talked about transitioning back and the perils of driving, like driving all mellow and too slow, getting lost, etc. I made it down the mountain perfectly, no getting lost or even needing gps (it didn't work there anyway).

    But today I was paying attention to my cat and so I had my lunch, pesto pasta salad with me and dumped in on my sheets. Yeah. I was just finishing up dinner and feeling really great about this whole reality thing. Then I dropped my dinner bowl on my foot in the perfect location to cause maximum injury and pain. Sigh, gonna limp in and change the sheets.

    I did however dress myself successfully, watched a lot of onboarding videos, went shopping and prepared a tasty dinner. Not too bad for post retreat.

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    I'm sorry, ZG!

    I've always told dh that if I get pulled over for a field sobriety test, to bring bail money! I would never drink and drive, but I have zero balance and can't do those tests. I've been working on strength with a component of balance, and the instructor has singled me out as the one who needs the moves modified! Oy! I've told my friends itn there to make everyone else look good!

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