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Thread: Raising a Child in a Doomed World

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    Catherine, I watched the video, but I'm afraid it didn't cheer me up much. Most of the "good news" it touts are band-aids, baby steps or liberal feel-goodism--I'm all for indigenous peoples around the world sharing their wisdom and for people planting trees, but I doubt either will do much to slow global warming, given that every bit of fossil fuel that's now in the ground needs to stay in the ground or we've got catastrophic warming (6 degrees C) by the end of this century. Yeah, more than a million people marched in Washington after Trump was elected, and we see how much good that's done so far. (I suppose it did result in some political organizing, and we'll see how effective that was in November.)

    But the bottom line is that most efforts to fight global warming are small, tentative and experimental, when what we need is a WWII-level mobilization of resources by every industrialized country in the world NOW. That ain't happening, and it ain't going to happen. The next generation may be willing to make more sacrifices as it becomes more obvious things are spinning out of control, as things get hotter and hotter, as the killer hurricanes and floods become more common, the forests continue to burn, and the polar icecaps melt. But by then it may be too late; indeed, it may be too late already.

    It would be nice if we could get rid of those horrid disposable plastic bags, though. God, I hate those things.

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    To have these things you need a huge industrial infrastructure built on fossil fuels.
    which actually might be sustainable as well (though maybe not have advanced as rapidly I don't know) which a population of 2 billion or something. But that's not human nature either it seems (no matter how good the technology gets).
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