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Thread: August Purge

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    Hermann house:

    A huge refrigerator showed up in the basement. I think I regret suggesting to
    DH that he could have a canning kitchen in the basement, because we now have a stove, a small upright freezer, and this big ass refrigerator/freezer there. We paid for None of these appliances, they came from friends who are moving or the stove was our old one. So now, I am worried that the upright freezer will stop working and it is chock-full of pork for dH’s sister in Florida. If that happens, will we have to pay her back? Ugh, these decisions. And then I wonder, how does DH wrestle these things into thst basement? He is amazing.

    recently I mentioned a fugly bedroom set that DH had before We got married and I made him get rid of it. It has been living at his fathers house for the past three decades. Well he brought it back from Iowa and now it is in our Herman house and it is vintage cool, I no longer hate it.
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