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Thread: I'm done with amazon

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    I'm done with amazon

    I don't order much anymore since canceling Prime (too much shoddy Chinese merchandise) but I had some credit card points to use so I placed an order ($80). Also ordered a smaller item that is hard to find locally ($13). Put both items in the basket, applied my $12 in points and selected free ship for both. They used the points against the $13 item and then charged me $6.00 in shipping charges for that item. I have always gotten free shipping if combined orders are over the amount required. By now, I figure Bezos is rich enough and I'm not playing their games anymore. I would rather shop at evil Walmart than evil-er amazon.

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    If you order two items and both are not fulfilled by Amazon.....then the $25 is calculated differently and you will possible fall short the required amount. Check that both items are fulfilled by Amazon. If not, you get the shipping Whammy. I always use a gift card. Some things are just simply impossible to get locally anymore and we are to blame individually for not supporting our local vendors.

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    I work for a smaller online retail company that sells across multiple marketplaces, including Amazon. Chinese manufacturers are EXTREMELY p____d about the recent tariffs (literally stating so!) and several have discontinued business with us. Since Amazon will accept physical merchandise directly from the Chinese manufacturers now (i.e. Amazon fulfilled), I predict things are going to change drastically within online retail in general. Personally, I just want to have a job! The holidays are probably going to be the deciding factor. Irony is that the company founder/boss voted for the current administration - whose policies might just close the business she started in her basement over a decade ago. Sigh.....
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    I cancelled prime too

    Amazon has all these little tricks to get you to spend more. I started tracking my budget and I noticed that I spend more money with Prime!! even though prices on Amazon are lower.

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    Amazon Prime is a lifesaver for me. Out of probably 1000 purchases, I've had one glitch (a missing part), which was immediately replaced. And I probably download three (bargain) books a week. I'm one satisfied customer.

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