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Thread: There's Always Next Year

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    There's Always Next Year

    This saying, applied to the Red Six during their decades long championship drought, seems apropos to my garden.

    I am thinking strawberries for the first time, since wild iones do well in my yard, though I understand that is an exercise in delayed gratification as they don't produce until the second year.

    Today a woman in the supermarket told me you can plant the top part of scallions.

    And with a warming climate I might try eggplant again.

    Has anyone grown any of these? What do you want to try next year?

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    Wild strawberries are the best; they grew in the fields next to my childhood home.
    I knew you could plant the bottom part of scallions, or most any root part of a root vegetable.

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    We haven't grown edibles for a few years due to the groundhogs, but I think next year I want to try at least tomatoes again. We didn't have a family living under the shed this year, and I think next year I'll try some type of repellent. We had a tiny bit of echinacea, rudbeckia and phlox this year for the first time in several years. I really miss the abundant mid-summer flowers.

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