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Thread: Plastic plastic everywhere, challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tradd View Post
    But if you use communal dumpsters, etc., using paper may not be possible. My complex mandates sealed plastic bags to help keep out critters.
    So does our garbage collection company. In fact, everything has to be in a plastic bag or you may get a nastygram from the company.
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    My trash is not icky.

    i am a vegetarian who recycles, composts and has chickens. My trash is broken things and food packaging and packing tape. Most of it goes into the waste basket in my classroom or the trash can by the gas pump. My boss said I can use the classroom wastebasket if it is not full at the end of the day. It’s never full at the end of the day. Sometimes I hide it so the janitor won’t change the plastic bag for seven glue covered Popsicle sticks and a paper towel.

    I have been working hard to reduce the plastic in my life, but curbside pick up has created a big challenge. The gas pump trash can is owned by the grocery store that keeps putting plastic in my curbside pick up. I only use it when I am pumping gas.

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