I've gone off plastic from the example of people who are nonegotiable about it. First was the book No Impact Man. Then a friend who drinks water anywhere only out of a washed-out food bottle, and one who in a nice way refused a drink of water at a celebration, explaining when asked that it was because it came from a plastic jug. People who don't think twice about doing it when it's hard. Last winter in Santa Fe, where I live, a woman opened a store called the Soap Refill Station, which is about more than soap and mainly about using everything that needs a container in glass, which you can buy from her or, like me, bring your own glass jars. Now I don't have to buy any of these in plastic: shampoo, dish soap, laundry soap, hand soap, and she sells other things made of bamboo: (toothbrush, dish (tiny broom style) scrubber, bottle brush. I several months ago a friend told me he doesn't use toothpaste or powder for his teeth, just a toothbrush ten times in each tooth. He's beendoing it 10 years with no cavities. So no more of all that for me and my teeth actually feel cleaner. IF I'm buying a food or supplement thing, if there's a choice of buying it in a glass or plastic jar, I get the glass one. So bit by bit I chip away at it. Sometimes I think, how would I explain it to a fish if I got something in plastic, and how would I feel about all this if I were a fish myself.