I had an a-ha moment sometime recently. (btw I have no idea if this is the right forum, but it helps with the waking up with nightmares).

I was reading the threads about 'markers', I realized I have been punk rock since before their was punk rock. I was the quiet unassuming kid in my own mind however many people have related times they recall me be quite opinionated and forceful. As early as 6th grade apparently I gave a oral presentation about clubbing baby seals with graphic descriptions. Also that year they put all the 'smart' kids in the same class and we had a very sick teacher. So we made many of them cry. Karma worked out with my years of subbing. As a taco bell shift manager at 18 I argued back to a 40 yo manager (I won). I calmly told off a teacher in high school. I got to get around things being 'smart' in several cases (my family also kept me at the kids table until almost 30, I think I was annoying)

So arguing with supervisors and walking out, and generally not being a pushover is a really punk rock thing to do! However currently I am following all rules, checking in a lot with things I want to do, and definitely not arguing with a supervisor who has been very supportive. I actually an generally okay with rules until they conflict with basic integrity.

So thinking that I did a very punk rock thing at my last job is helping, and nightmares may be part of the process.