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Thread: Over-crowded rats behave like humans

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    I actually really like the new pope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiam View Post
    I do feel there is a sense of hopelessness and also a lack of purpose. This along with the lack of meaningful, productive jobs i feel is adding to the huge numbers of people who choose not to be involved in society anymore, and just drop out and become homeless. Our community has seen a homeless explosion, and I feel that hoplessness and uselessness are at the root of the increase.
    Thanks, Tiam, for bringing the thread back on topic -- and for the thoughtfulness of your reply. Our search for meaning seems to be getting harder and harder these days. Hence the rise in suicides and opiate addiction. Sometimes it's hard to remain optimistic...I find volunteer work helps at back. That, and avoiding much of the news with its overly bloody, violent focus...
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