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Thread: Next project idea

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    I have been teaching myself to knit this past month and just finished a scarf - I've always known *how* to do a basic knit stitch and I *thought* I knew how to purl but I just realized yesterday that I have not been purling correctly so that is the reason the scarf came out all in the garter stitch. So part of the day I was watching You-Tube videos and I still do not really understand how to purl - I watched and try and watched again. I think I need a live tutorial so next week when I go to Albuquerque I am going to stop at the yarn shop and get some help.

    However, knitting is really bad for my wrists so I really shouldn't be doing it at all right now, but it is such a nice activity to do while I am behind the counter in the gallery.

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    You can learn not to "throw" your yarn--continental style?* But crochet might be easier on your wrist.
    I'd give knitting the edge for finished product, but I like both for different applications.


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