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Thread: Decided to do the exit interview

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    Decided to do the exit interview

    The exit interview is just sending in answers to questions. I really sat with it for a long time, made sure I wasn't just an angry employee, and most important that I could do this without shaking up my mental health. In the end I decided to do it. I have to print and scan it in since the google doc does not work outside the district.

    I feel good, the final step to moving on. I did a short summary of my concerns about summer programming and basic student safety. It was clear and factual and I tried to express the extreme seriousness of it. I did say I was willing to be contacted about it.

    For my supervisor, well I framed it as I had been willing to support him during the year. I was also direct about how often his team lost our tempers, cried or were not-supported in a way that put students at risk. They can do what they want with it.

    Meanwhile I am pretty happy, my current supervisor is dealing with the things I used to last year. The other supervisors above her seem supportive, but short staffed is just really short staffed, Nothing around that. At least my assistant did not get the director job he interviewed for.I heard that off the record. He really doesn't have quite the professionalism and business side of the programming, and I really need him!

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    Glad you are happy and the new job going well. That's great!

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