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Thread: Dutch Tulip Bulbs from America

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    Dutch Tulip Bulbs from America

    For those of you paying the full retail price for tulip bulbs...

    I happen to live in an area in Washington State called the Skagit Valley.
    We are crisscrossed with dikes and blessed with drizzling damp weather
    like the tulips' ancestors had in the Netherlands.

    We grow millions of tulips here, and a large proportion of them
    are shipped to the Netherlands, where they are either matured for
    an additional year, or simply repackaged and exported.
    Either way the bulbs are literally "Exported from the Netherlands".

    Of course at every step along the way, someone makes money
    from the process, until the consumer pays a goodly price at the
    end of the chain. Being a local, I get my bulbs cheaply.

    As students of Simplicity, I thought some folks would
    appreciate the irony of it, but please keep buying
    tulip bulbs in the stores or Amazon; our Valley profits by it,
    and we have a tranquil agricultural environment here.

    My son-in-law's family back in the Netherlands profits indirectly
    from it through the boost it gives the Dutch economy.

    I hear there are places in the Midwest with the same arrangement.

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    And it is well worth visiting the Skagit during the Tulip Festival season!

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    Interesting. We have a Dutch bulb farm down here in nearby Woodland, too. The fields are gorgeous in bloom.

    Welcome from a fellow Washingtonian.
    My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished two bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already!

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    I dont like tulips in my gardens for several reasons, but I enjoy displays of tulips elsewhere.

    the PNW grows all of the iris and lilies I would ever want. Dont have a need to go to steekiní Netherlands.

    But I will say that I am not aware of large growing operations of lilies here that get product shipped to Europe, it is the other way around. There ARE some hybridizers here, though, who get their registered lilies bought up by the Dutchmen. Star Gazer lily, the most popular liliy ever introduced, was hybridized by a U.S. grower.

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    Bulb flowers are my favorite. Each year I help the economy by investing in more. I look forward to spring every year.

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