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Thread: Google flights?

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    Google flights?

    Anyone use Google flights?

    A colleague of mine, who is about 24, showed me how it works today.

    I am old so I was still using Expedia.

    But we were talking about our travel dreams. I was saying how I want desperately to travel to Azerbaijan or Brazil. I told her I looked up flights and how much they cost. She got on Google Flights and showed me how to knock like $500 off the prices I was looking at!

    She recently traveled to Iceland, Norway, and Denmark in a single trip. She had previously traveled to Mexico and Peru. But she has travel dreams too -- of Italy and of a couple domestic destinations such as Moab, UT. She knows how to get good prices!

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    No never heard of it.

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    I use those sites to just get estimates of prices/flights etc. I book mostly with the airlines. Cheapest flights often come with uncomfortable routes, airlines, times, etc. Had one one time that suggested a less than 45 minute layover was fine in Atlanta. It is not especially with a transfer from domestic to international.

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    I prefer Google Matrix. You can see the best time to fly in a month and see layovers, etc. It is a matrix so you can manipulate the information to what suits you best to find the best prices.

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