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Thread: even more new clothes,

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    even more new clothes,

    The last 2-3 months I have done so much wardrobe shopping, but it feels good. I have been able to do it financially and am really happy with everything. I started off by getting ready for summer camp and trying on my shorts. They were way too big. I could actually pull them off without unbuttoning. I bought new shorts at Target and put the old ones in the trash. Then came getting ready for my retreat and all my hiking pants were also too big, some shirts as well. So I invested in several pairs of hiking pants and some shirts. My previous school year site was very much a jeans environment. The principal wore nice jeans most days with vans or chucks.

    Now I am at a dressier school, I usually look to the principal and she wears dresses every day. I got my nicer side of the closet open and the pants were fine. I carry a heavy walkie talkie so I decided to stop at Target to see if I could get a new pair of pants. Well they were 2 sizes smaller! I ended up getting 2 tops and a pair of pants, then going to Kohl's and getting another pair pf pants and a really beautiful top. I spent $34 on one shirt, and I know I will love it. It is the kind I will wear every single week.

    It was about a year ago that I lost about 10 lbs and it has stayed off. The biggest thing is just seriously limiting sugar.

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    That's great, ZG! My sister felt like sugar had become an unhealthy addiction for her, and she has lost 12 lbs in 2 months just by severely cutting back on sugar, with no other changes in her diet or activities.

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