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Thread: Drum Circles

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    Drum Circles

    Just wanted to say a few words about Drum Circles.
    I have been involved in Drum Circles for about 10 years now,
    and found them quite rewarding.

    I live in an an area with two Indian reservations, so a lot
    of the folks in the circles here are either Indians or
    heavily influenced by the Native American perspective,
    but a Drum Circle can be any flavor or mixture of flavors
    that you like: Native American, New Age, Asian, whatever.

    We use a mixture of drumming and chanting; and we tend
    to describe the experience as "moving meditation".
    The communal nature of drumming and chanting sets up
    pleasant physical and psychological vibrations.

    Advantages of a drum circle include:

    * It is Simple
    You don't have to follow some guru and his/her teachings
    to do simple, heartfelt drumming and chanting.
    As the singer Van Morrison said "No Guru, No Method, No Teacher"

    But you CAN learn from drumming traditions and find out
    why certain practices have worked for those traditions.

    * The chanting "tunes" are easier to sing than some of the
    horribly complicated Christian hymns, though many
    of the drummers go to Christian churches.

    * You don't have to be a wannabe or give yourself a
    Native American or Asian or New Age alternate name in order to
    feel part of a group, though some people do;
    and I respect their hunger to belong to a group, rather than be isolated.

    * It is dirt cheap. The circles use donations more than charging fees.
    I own used drums. I've got drum beaters that
    Native Americans gave me, which are just sticks with leather
    on 'em. Plain driftwood sticks work too.

    * You can do it at home as meditation, I do sometimes.

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    I hear more steel bands out my way. Love drums! It is also on my bucket list to hear Blue Man Group.

    Glad you have an enjoyable hobby.

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    There is an annual pow-wow across the state line from where I live. It was actually last weekend but I could not attend this year. They always have at least one if not two drum circles. Wonderful stuff!
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    The Farm, (commune started by Stephen Gaskin), at Summertown, TN has drumming, or they did. It has been several years since I have been there.
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    I went to a couple but never found it to be that enjoyable.

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    We went to see Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead with his band the Rhythm Devils a few years ago. It was heavy on percussion as you might imagine. Excellent show; we really enjoyed it.

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