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Thread: John McCain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    I love that he asked both Bush and Obama to give his eulogy. Still reaching across the aisle in death. I watched his interview on 60 minutes last night and it was really interesting. He forbid the orange one to attend. Following in Barbara Bush’s footsteps with that request.
    I guess McCain knew that with Obama and Bush speaking, the eulogies would at least mostly be about him. Trump would figure out a way to make it about himself.

    Politics aside (I was no great fan of McCain) Trump clearly loathed McCain because he represented everything Trump would like to be but isn't. McCain was the scion of a venerable navy family, the military equivalent of old money. Trump is the son of a grubby, corrupt NYC real estate developer ("corrupt NYC real estate developer" is an oxymoron). McCain was generally respected even by those who didn't like his politics, while Trump knows full well that even those who share his political goals mostly hold him in contempt, especially the Republican "establishment."

    You've got to hand it to Trump, though. Just when you think he couldn't be more small, petty, self-centered and petulant, he proves you wrong. The guy never disappoints.

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    He probably asked them to speak, just to avoid having Trump speak. I mean seriously..........why would anyone want Trump to speak at their memorial service? I wouldn't even accept a Medal of Honor from him. He's a scoundrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    I agree. And if I remember correctly, did he say "no" or did he simply give a thumbs down in front of the Senate in that very dramatic appearance on the floor?
    Those who remember better than me may wish to correct me but what I remember is McCain's making the thumbs down gesture and then saying NO after this gesture was recorded as his response. Rob

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