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Thread: Reflections of a break-up

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    Quote Originally Posted by bae View Post
    1) Donít form intimate relationships with people with long-standing mental illnesses.

    2) Donít form intimate relationships with people whose parents have long-standing-mental illnesses.

    3) Donít form intimate relationships with people who donít like themselves.

    4) Donít form intimate relationships with people you need to protect and care for just so they can survive daily life.

    5) Donít form intimate relationships with people who even have a whiff of an abusive personality.
    I've been in arguments before about this very issue. I will absolutely not put myself there; I would be wary of friendships of this sort, let alone partnerships. I have a tendency toward depression--it's mostly mild and situational--but I suck up others' bad vibes like a ShamWow. I try to avoid, say, people who ruminate publicly about suicide, how and when (this about two days after my SO, who very much wanted to live--lost his struggle with illness). People like this are so consumed with themselves and their problems, they have no energy for anyone else. I get angry even thinking about it. Very good advice, bae, and I"m so sorry...

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    I have missed what is going on with bae, and want to be clear that I didn’t intend to be dismissive or unkind toward him, but UL has talked a lot about his mom, such that that list does put him on the people to not date list. As this is UL’s thread, and he has expressed ambivalence about dating, that is as far as I thought about it.

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