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Thread: Most highly respected female politicians in the US

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    I think Catherine has really asked an important question. It leads me to wonder where the next female candidate for the Presidency will come from. In looking at the serious political landscape for women.....I’ve been impressed with and I highly respect the US Representative of Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District , Tulsi Gabbard (D).

    She has an interesting background and a progressive mindset. A unique combination of military veteran who is critical of the interventionist regime change activities the US continues to be involved with. She resigned as DNC vice chair and took on Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz over the rigging of the primaries for Hillary Clinton. Especially the lack of debates in order to favor Hillary.

    She’s in favor of a Medicare for all type health care fix, a transition to clean fuel from the petroleum fuels, opposes the TPP, wants closer ties to India, is open minded on Iran and wants an end to the 17 year war in Afghanistan, is enlightened as to the Saudi Arabian control of US foreign policy via their funding of our wars for their own means, is against taking military action to effect regime change in Syria at the risk of creating a conflict with Russia, sees the irony of the US creating and supporting terrorist groups in Syria, has a widely progressive view of many social issues and is a practicing Hindu.

    She checks off a lot of blocks for millenials and covers a few for many baby boomers. A dark horse without support from her own party but someone to keep an eye on,

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    I could see Nikki Haley becoming president. Domestic experience ✔ International experience ✔ Diverse and took down the Confederate flag ✔ Articulate ✔

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    I like Gabbard, too. I think we have a lot of smart, hard-working candidates, frankly. Hawaii does well in that regard.

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