So i was in a tough spot with a nonprofit that is offering me work as a mindfulness teacher for their nature based programs. The primary funding was supposed to come from cannibis. Well as a practicing buddhist who follows the precepts thisis doesn't work in 2 ways. One is that I don't use any intoxicants according to the 5th precept, and right livelihood says to not deal in certain businesses. Both of these i choose to do.

So I called the director to explain expecting to need to defend my position but it was super easy. We will arrange the funding and contract to be clear that i will not be paid from that money. Great opportunity to take people in nature to practice mindfulness. Honestly I realize how much I grew up outside, and that is not typical for everyone. I cant wait to take grandbaby hiking! I need to explore some new hikes that don't start at 9,000 feet and over an hours drive,

Anyway nothing guaranteed, but looking forward