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Thread: needing to 'pause'

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    needing to 'pause'

    I have no clue where this goes, it is more a personality thing than a relationship or work thing.

    I am finding that I often need to pause. When I feel I can't pause (like something is rushed or work load is high or urgent) I interpret this badly. It often goes from a brief pause to a longer one that can start to have bad effects if I don't turn it around. A simple example is that I offered to make curtains for a retreat center I went to. I email them for dimensions and I saw that I got an email back. Now I am waiting a time to open it. I think it is about being able to do each thing carefully, however in this world of rush and stress it can also feel like I am avoiding. This is a big part of the job stuff that happened. I learned a lot about myself, and I need to plan, do things step by step, take pauses, and I can do some pretty amazing work that way.

    It still feels weird to be aware of it and aware of how often I judge myself. Also to be aware of the environment I was in and how it caused serious problems. I had payroll one hour late at the beginning of the year and it was because I was not feeling confident and I paused, went back and re-checked before I submitted, and it was a problem. There are times when I need to not pause,

    I read about this in the Highly Sensitive Person books, including the one about kids. There is a 'pause to check' habit with HSP's. It can be good, however there are times when it is not functional.

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    I know exactly what you are saying, I have done this my whole life.
    Not sure why but, often the double checking felt like I was never confident in myself
    (had an undiagnosed learning disability as a child). Other times is just feels like I cave to
    my perfectionist side.
    But, you are right lots of times it works to your advantage because you do get good work done.
    Others time like not checking an email or getting started on a project it makes you late.
    Not sure of the answer I try to be aware when I am doing and try to understand why.
    Like right now I offered to do calling re: Christmas Bazaar which I have never done before and I
    keep putting it off. Not like it is hard just different.
    Sometimes I think it is a control issue. Just my thoughts.
    Now I am going to make some of those

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