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Thread: Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williamsmith View Post
    I don’t know who is a bigger boogeyman....George Soros or Sasquatch. Even if one of the lady’s that appealed to Flake in that now famous elevator cornering....was on the Soros paywagon.....does that really preclude a genuine expression of outrage? Did you really suggest she was a prostitute? Human instinct (real emotional appeal) is just as important to the survival of the species as clinical evaluation.

    Leaving fear and the construct of a boogeyman out of the discussion strips politics down to its underwear.
    The point is that it doesnít matter if sheís a prostitute or not. It doesnít matter if her rage was genuine or not. The authenticity of her experience had nothing to do with the facts of the case at hand; except to generate emotional heat. Personally, I donít think thatís a very intelligent way to make decisions, but clearly opinions differ.

    I donít especially care how Soros or the Kochís choose to spend their money. Iíll take heaps of subsidized BS over letting somebody decide who can pay how much to say how much about whatever theyíre selling.

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    Clearly, human beings are not simply data processing units or Vulcan like logic machines separating out fact from fiction without emotion. No other vocation utilizes emotion for its own personal gain more than the politician, save perhaps a good reverend or a successful attorney. And when the public turns that emotion back on a politician who is crammed into an elevator, he gets a dose of the kind of weapon that politicians have been releasing on the ordinary citizen for a long time. The authenticity of her experience matters for inspiration and the success of her appeal relies on genuineness because humans perceive subtle tells that prevarications leave traces of. Decision making aside, I think emotional appeal is a very intelligent approach to attempting change.

    In this certain case, had any ordinary citizen been running for dogcatcher or babysitter....the perspective employer would have discarded their resume long before any vetting of witnesses and further investigation. Because it is not a trial. The entire foundation of the defense of Kavanaugh relies on the false pretense of his poor treatment as an accused without evidence amounting to proof. Plenty of ordinary unconnected citizens have been denied employment due to less.

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    I think thereís a difference between being an inhuman logic engine and basing decisions on my feelings about male/female power relationships in general or a visceral dislike of privileged white guys. I think if youíre going to conduct a job interview like a criminal prosecution, you should at least pay some consideration to relevant facts.

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