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Thread: Starting new (ish) community

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    Starting new (ish) community

    In other places I have talked a bit about the happenings in our Buddhist world. On a local level this means changing our name and an opportunity to close down 2 facebook groups, consolidate to one, and actually be the moderator! (our 2 former groups had over 20 moderators each collected over many years, most not involved anymore).

    I am actually getting a little excited that we may have some rebirth, new connections, etc. This is balanced with the effort that we have been giving with still really low numbers. There are only 2 facilitators left, so we decided to give it 6 months to get some attendance, new facilitators helping out, etc. I think he is almost done really, and I like leading but not enough to be the only one.

    I made a statement on the old facebook pages about our stance in the face of scandal and conflict. Then posted the new facebook page (all old pages are off at the end of the month). It has been interesting to see who is responding and joining the new group. I would actually like to post some things on a regular basis, just good articles and things, maybe get people more engaged. It would be just nice to have a solid group again.
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    Good luck - I hope your new community is successful.

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    Sounds good.

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