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Thread: (Moved from General forum) Surrounded by pet loved ones when we die

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    I once was sick and my dog would not leave my side. He also put his head VERY HEAVILY on my leg. I think it was his way of saying .. you are not alone! Also, left on a business trip and did not show him my suitcase so he did not know I would not be home. DH said never to do that again. He stayed by the window for hours waiting for me! I think they are smarter than we give them credit for.

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    One of our dogs is very intuitive. He will lay on or near hubby when he's sick...hubby asked the dog if he was sick this weekend, then took his heart rate for confirmation - the dog knew!

    We have a second home in NC and live in FL. Well, directly after.having spent a week in NC, we came home and put our dog down. A few months later we went back to NC, and the two remaining dogs ran around for a good day looking for their sister. That was the last place they'd all been well and together.

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