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Thread: Movies you enjoy no matter how many times you see it

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    Terminator 2. The action still holds up, as it was mostly done without SFX. The story is epic and it has so many cool moments. Really wish they stopped making them, as the sequels have been so bad. Supposed to be a new one coming this year...

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    American Pop. One of the best animated films ever made, IMHO. I'm "Facebook friends" with one of the actors from the film, too!

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    Anything with Yul Brynner in it, especially "The King and I" even though I've seen it a million times (including live on stage a few years before he died).

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    A River Runs Through It.
    O Brother Where Art Thou
    Never Cry Wolf
    The Razors Edge/newer version
    It's a Mad, Mad Mad, Mad World
    Several of the Bogart classics
    Memphis Belle/new version

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    Office space

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    The Magnificent Seven
    The Birdcage
    The Cup (foreign film about young buddhist monks and soccer)
    The Replacements
    Shirley Valentine
    many more I can't think of right now
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    There are a few that I get caught up in whenever they're on (I also have most on video):

    Mary Poppins
    The Music Man
    About a Boy
    Love Actually
    I Know Where I'm Going
    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    Christmas in Connecticut
    All That Jazz

    I know there are many others. Some of the above I've seen soooo many times, and yet there's always something in them that I hadn't noticed before. I could easily watch each of those dozens of times again.

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    Many that you've cited above me, but here are couple of my all-time favorites:

    Galaxy Quest --the best, hilarious spoof of a sci-fi movie with a wonderful sardonic, jaded role played by the dearly departed Alan Rickman. Just wonderful.

    My Cousin Vinnie
    -- that courtroom scene never grows old for me, cracks me up....

    Mostly Martha
    -- smart, sassy, romantic and with one of the best sound tracks ever. If you like food & love, this one's for you. Watch the original 2001 version (with sub-titles)

    Big Night -- another movie centering around food, family and how tough it is to open a restaurant -- funny, sad, and quite delicious..

    Casablanca -- hits all my hotspots, amazing dialogue, acting, history, love, pathos, humor....

    To Kill a Mockingbird -- for once, an adaptation from a book that doesn't disappoint. And what a plot! Gregory Peck in one of his finest roles...
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