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Thread: Moving to a low-cost-of-living area to retire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave B View Post
    The best place to retire is right where you are -- with your family and friends around you. I live in Fort Myers, Florida and this place is full of lonely and sad seniors who sold out their family and friends in order to save a FEW (and I stress the word FEW) dollars in taxes.
    Depends. Everyone's situation is different. I no longer have that many friends or family in this area (many have themselves moved away), and the quality of life has IMO gone way down because of overcrowding. I wouldn't move just to save a few bucks in taxes, but the cost of living here isn't just high, it's HIGH, especially for housing. I've got some time to consider my options, and I might not end up going that far, but I feel like it's time for a change.

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    Neither do I Catherine and I donít live in such a place.

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