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Thread: Amazon Bank

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetana3 View Post
    We have good luck with Amazon but probably because we have 4 or 5 of their huge distribution centers here in Indianapolis. Yesterday, my door bell rang and it was a package being delivered by Amazon courier in a private vehicle. No idea why except it just might have been cheaper and faster if they had a bunch to deliver downtown.
    They sre doing that here, too.

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    My neighbors were worried that this big rental truck came screeching to the door. They thought it was robbers trying to load up our belongings. Nope, outsourced delivery guys.

    A week later, "Mom, who is that? That's an $80,000 vehicle." Someone apparently living beyond their means and delivering packages at night to make the vehicle payment.

    The package delivery companies can't keep up with demand. Even some of their uniformed drivers are in rental trucks or vans.

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