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Thread: Female Republicans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LDAHL View Post
    Some of us are obsessive nomenclators. Ain’t no shame in it.

    The problem comes when we generalize too broadly about people based on a facile observation of superficial traits. This is a tendency shared by tiki torch supremacists and pc police.
    Precisely. Get to know people.....disregard the labels and generalizations.

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    no, i mean to break it down one reason why it's absurd, even though it's obviously absurd on it's face and hardly needs such breakdown: there can be many reasons for frugality. There can be frugality even if you got out of college with a great degree, got a great job, and make good income right out of the gate (often those hoping for early retirement) and there can be frugality after having known real financial hardship and poverty in the past (on a personal level although clearly this can happen to a whole generation in bad times). For some the financial fear just sticks. And well some people are just going to worry about finances quite independent of experience, they are just worrywarts and over plan everything, and well that does play it safer (never safe) in a dangerous world.

    And that's just frugality and finances, if you branch off into minimalism, those concerned with environmental footprint etc. ...

    Of course those who are culturally very conservative and traditional might expect a man to be more of the provider and breadwinner. Oddly I get the impression UL would not like this, but maybe he would.
    If you want something to get done, ask a busy person. If you want them to have a nervous breakdown that is.

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    I am married to a Republican woman, and highly recommend it. She is somewhat to the right of my cosmopolitan views, but itís surprising how infrequently politics comes up in our daily lives.

    Of course, I donít live in a highly politicized university situation. I would suspect any woman openly holding conservative views in such an environment would require a certain strength of character and independence of mind.

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    The polarity of views and the gap between female democrats and female republicans is likely over exaggerated. I could get along with the broad range of that spectrum, because it’s not really so broad. But I prefer female independents. Sometimes frugal, sometimes extravagant. Sometimes tolerant, sometimes closed minded. Sometimes jeans, sometimes Calvin Klein.

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