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Thread: My wonderful Goodwill find

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    I like that artist--excellent score!

    The thrill of the hunt plus a rock-bottom price wins me over every time. I adore thrifting.

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    I hang out at thrift stores and have to severely curtail my “i might need that some day so I will buy it now” impulse. I go shopping for the specific flower show coming up (household wares) or the specific season and size I am (clothing) and I do not stockpile for the future.

    I do allow myself to buy metal pieces from the housewares area to use in future flower show competitions as they appear on the shelf store if truly unique. I remember going back 3 times to look at a metal thingie that I finally ended up buying, and then later won a major award with.

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    Wonderful news! I find a treasure now and then at our local Goodwill.
    Would do better if I went more than once a month..............

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    Oh what a fun find!
    Float On: My "Happy Place" is on my little kayak in the coves of Table Rock Lake.

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    Edward Hopper is my favorite artist, too! Good for you...enjoy having it in your home!

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