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Thread: For those who follow YMOYL, what one point grabbed your attention first?

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    If I'm remembering correctly, it was voluntary simplicity that got me to read YMOYL. I'm still striving for more simplicity - both out of necessity and voluntarily. lol
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    For me, like several others here, it was the idea that I'm using life energy in exchange for being able to purchase things. THe first thing I cut from my expenditures of life energy once I figured that out was lunch out when I was at the office. I didn't enjoy it and it was mostly just laziness/lack of planning, that necessitated it. Now on those rare times that I do have to buy my lunch I hate spending the money. From a life energy standpoint it's only about 12 minutes of time, compared to 25 minutes of my time when I made that change, but I still prefer to bring lunch and save that life energy towards a future where I don't have to work.

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