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Thread: To Cable or Not-Cable - that is the question

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    Quote Originally Posted by happystuff View Post
    Does anyone use the Vuno (sp) that is supposedly the free tv from walmart?

    Vudu. Some stuff is free, others not. Similar from my test of a smart tv (dogsitting), of Amazon prime. (given access to both)

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    Vudu - that's it! Thanks ToomuchStuff. I will need to check on that a bit more.
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    I don't have a TV, and that is a good thing for me....When I did have a TV I usually had cable, and at times when I didn't I did more outside the house. If I had a TV right now, I'd got to work and come home to watch TV.
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    Speaking of cutting the cable, DH was watching a movie ("Adaptation") on our Roku's Pluto Channel last night. He was really enjoying the film, but hated the bad editing that stuck in loud, disruptive commercials at random, inappropriate intervals. He groused, "Man! This is a really good movie, and I'm never going to get to enjoy it properly because I'll bet it's already gone from the theatres!" (Yes, it probably left around 2002!) Lounging on our bed, I languidly pulled up our excellent local library's website, and arranged to have the DVD delivered (for free!) to my local branch. First-world problem solved!

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