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Thread: To Cable or Not-Cable - that is the question

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    We cut the cable cord this past Monday. No streaming packages and no antenna. We are able to watch some regular shows on the internet/computers and others with our Fire stick. So far, so good!
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    I’ve not had cable since the late 90s! I went without a TV from 2003-2016. Got a 24” (or so) and a $35 digital antenna from Target that’s directly connected to TV. For some reason I can’t get CBS, but I really only watch WGN (for the news) and PBS. I have Amazon Prime and will occasionally watch a movie or TV episode. I’m more of a radio person.

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    We cut the cord (Dish Network) a few weeks ago. Spent $30 for a Roku box and have three free months of Hulu. We got a small antenna for $50 to get the local channels. We absolutely love it, and are kicking ourselves for not listening to our friends and doing it sooner. On the other hand, we'd already signed up for a two year contract with Dish, so we let it run until it was nearly over. When they jacked up the rates for the umpteeenth time, we'd had it. We paid $70 to get out of the last two months of the contract, and washed our hands of them. Their boxes, etc., are now boxed up and awaiting the UPS man to come pick them up. Good riddance!

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