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Thread: Question about applying for Social Security Benefits

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    Question about applying for Social Security Benefits

    Just curious if any of you have applied online for social security benefits and how long it took them to process it?

    I called SS with a question, and the wait was 1 hour. So I didn't wait.

    I want to start receiving my SS, but I probably wouldn't receive that amount until November. I would need to reapply in about another month, to receive half of my husband's amount, since his birthday is in December.
    Not sure it's worth the hassle of that one month.

    Did that make any sense:

    I'm thinking maybe I should just wait and apply the first time to get his half-amount.

    We both will be 69 in Dec. and Jan.

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    I applied online for a friend of mine because she was too disabled to do it. It was a quick process. O

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    I applied online but my email confirmation showed that my banking information for deposits was incorrect. I was not able to correct online or by phone so I had to go into a local office, sit there for three hours with a room full of characters and wait an extra month for everything to get squared away.

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