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Thread: Mayo Clinic Documentary by Ken Burns

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    Mayo Clinic Documentary by Ken Burns

    PBS program... Lauds the benefits of group practice "A medical democracy".

    The documentary explains Doctors Will Mayo and sons, Mother Alfred and Sister Joseph, etc.

    It is a proud history of the Mayo Clinic. It also takes a swipe at the inadequacy of the American system of "competitive medicine".

    Personally, I have always believed I would go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for a second opinion, if I or a family member was up against disease. But the documentary suggests that it is not always possible to be admitted. Maybe I need to think about a Plan B.

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    I am too old to go around looking for medical answers, most likely.

    My sister in law did get an elusive diagnosis when she was in her 30’s, and from the Mayo Clinic. So it was helpful for her. Also, she was only a few hoirs drive from there. Mayo is important for us northerners, thatbis probably why you focus on it dado.

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    Well, there are other world-class cilnics in the U.S: the Cleveland Clinic, Mass. General, and many associated with top universities.

    I think the "magic" of Mayo is partly the high-quality health-care providers they can attract and partly a system that coordinates care among all the specialists, labs, etc. Too many patients are in systems in which every specialist sees only the body parts in which they specialize and overall care and coordination is managed by the patient (not their job as such) or the patient's primary-care provider (who is not in on what all the specialists are doing in real time and who has zillions of other patients to care for) or it goes undone. I have no doubt the Mayo system could be implemented elsewhere; if not within an individual clinic then within that clinic's overarching organization (like Kaiser in California). It's a matter of will -- and, probably, shaving a few basis points off the profit margin.
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    Mayo helped my dad at age 59.

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