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Thread: Uber vs cab vs lyft

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    Uber vs cab vs lyft

    I'm going to be wanting supplemental transportation soon. I've never used Uber and it's been decades since using cab service. People seem to use Uber without hesitation, but I have concerns that may or may not be justified. It would seem that you may get a driver of unknown character who may not show on time and/or driving a car of unknown reliability. Since I've not used Uber, I might just be overcautious? With a cab you might get a trained driver who may have had a background check and a maintained vehicle.

    I suppose Uber is the least expensive option? Is there a difference between Uber and Lyft?

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    I have never used Lyft and my interaction with Uber is limited. But I would say that as long as you are using any of the purchased transportation options, you have some small possibility of a poor experience. The Uber app I used was highly interactive, easy to interpret and worked well in New York City. I got one driver who didn’t know English and was very nervous but every vehicle I rode in was clean, new and comfortable. All payment including a tip if you wanted happened after the ride was over and no money changed hands with the driver. Your credit card is auto charged, but there are ways to report your experience and the driver your select has a rating which you know before hand. I think Uber has done a good job at the alternative transportation niche.

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    We use Uber a lot and no bad experiences. Car can’t be more than 10 years old. I tip in cash so they don’t have to report it. They also rate the passenger. When you text for one be ready to go because they are usually there in 2-3 minutes. In Wichita the quality of Lyft was better. I have both apps on my phone. Half the price of a cab.

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    Cab drivers can be shady characters. Of late, I've found that cab drivers are NOT the trained drivers they once were. Nothing more frustrating than getting in a cab and then having to map the destination AND the route on my phone for him.

    That's not an issue with Uber because everything is digital as Steve pointed out. He described it very well, and I have nothing to add. I use it all the time. You have MORE control over when the driver will arrive, because they tell you in advance and then you can watch the car arriving on your phone so you know exactly where they are.

    Also, if you want to upgrade your experience you can choose UberSelect or UberBlack. Of course, you pay more. Alternatively, if you want to pay less you can pool a ride. I don't think I'd have the patience for that, but I've never tried it so I don't know how long it takes for Uber to identify multiple people going to the same place.

    I've never used Lyft, but I imagine the principle's the same.
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    I would prefer to use a regulated ride--union, if possible--but cab service is beyond spotty in my neck of the woods. I once called in a request two hours before I needed it, and the driver was still late, so I would definitely be open to Uber or Lyft, which friends use regularly.

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    My only experience with Uber has been in NYC but each time was a very positive experience. Nice newer clean vehicles, courteous drivers and prompt service.
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    Lyft used to send me emails. They described themselves as a better paying Uber (charge more) and it took a bit for me to get them to stop emailing me.
    The first email was when they tried to charge a card for a ride of a city I have never been in and I didn't even know they were a service. A small charge went through (disputed/bank returned), and a large charge caused my CU to reissue. From what I read at the time, there was a lot of fraud through Lyft. (no idea now)

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    I'm a frequent user of uber and left. In a lot of cases the drivers work for both at the same time. Uber does standard background checks for criminal and driving issues so I wouldn't be concerned about that. And as others have mentioned I've never had to wait more than a few minutes for a pickup. SO has used the pool option several times. It's not terrible and is north cheaper to be worth it. Last weekend a friend chose that option and ended up being the only passenger because the other one cancelled once the trip was underway but before they had gotten picked up. My friend still got the $18 pool price for a 40 mile trip.

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