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Thread: Give it a 100 (or 20, or 30) Challenge - October 2018

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    I'm thinking about a cleaner.

    As I'm going through cupboards and bathrooms I'm also sorting out large amounts of dd's stuff (and getting rid of my own too.)
    I think once I've got all her things in bins, bags, and boxes i may have someone come in to do the windows, sills, blinds, and baseboards and deep dusting (as in, the dust is deep!)

    Got a big thing done - we have built in glass shelves in the bathroom and I completely cleared them and put them through the dishwasher then just put my own stuff out. Gives me a grin whenever I look at it

    The writing is at a rocky spot but I'm doing it every day.

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    G, great progress. I think hiring all the deep cleaning will put you on a sustainable path. Every spring I wash all the windows, curtains etc for the year.

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